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As evening’s light wanes, Shadows grow longer, Tales grow taller, And a peculiar change settles over The Looking Glass.

The ragtag mavericks of Thimble Theatre’s creative team have spent the long, cold, bitter winter slavishly writing, devising, crafting and collaborating, and are finally ready to unveil their overture...

Good Intentions is an evening of short stories and traditional folk tales told through physical theatre and shadow puppetry. For one weekend only, loss, devotion, sacrifice and vanity will haunt the candlelit chambers of The Looking Glass, the wisdom of times gone by ringing true from every wall of the iconic Bristolian venue. 

Thimble Theatre’s immersive theatrical debut promises insight to and escape from the trials of modern life in equal measure, so step into the warmth of The Looking Glass, leave your worries at the door, enjoy a drink and let stories, shadows and live music wash over you in the rosy glow of a true fairytale tavern.

Short tales included....


Teig O'Kane & The Corpse

Meet Teig O'Kane: philandering pretty boy, man-child brat, and the last word in downright selfishness. Rotten on the inside, Teig is about to take a lesson in humility from someone who wears their putrefaction on their sleeve. Thimble Theatre presents a modern re-telling of a macabre traditional folk tale, written by Tom Hunt and featuring a live musical score.

Creative Team:

Tom Hunt - Performer/Writer

Ilizane Broks - Performer

Maia Ayling - Performer

Lizzie Watts - Designer

Robin Peters - Director


The Wild Swans

Adapted from Hans Christian Anderson's text, The Wild Swans tells a tale of love, endurance and magic. Join Thimble Theatre on this beautiful journey as they use shadows and puppetry to create this intimate performance. Featuring an original soundtrack written and performed by Heather Roberts.

Creative Team:

Maia Ayling - Performer

Tom Hunt - Performer

Heather Roberts - Composer/Performer

Lizzie Watts - Designer