Exploring themes of love, loss and impact, The Chalkman is a heartwarming tale that resonates with audiences of all ages. It touches upon issues of disability - those that we can see and those we can’t - and what effect they have on our lives. It challenges quotidian expectations and celebrates diversity.

The Chalkman is set in a busy city where everything is ‘different’ in it’s own way. The central character, the Chalkman, is kind, hardworking, and compassionate. He is made entirely from chalk. This means whenever he touches anything, a little part of him is worn away. Eventually he will disappear completely, but he will have left his mark on countless people during his life. The Chalkman meets a woman, they fall in love and for the first time the inevitability of the Chalkman’s deteriorating existence is forgotten. 

As the next venture from Thimble Theatre, The Chalkman combines circus, theatre and live music to tell this heartfelt tale. It is a collaboration with a diverse range of artists spanning dance, circus, classical music and jazz.