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Behind you is the world you know: your family, your home, and your life.  Across a bridge lies a land unknown.  With no idea what you’d find and who you’d meet, would you dare to cross?
The latest production from Thimble Theatre, Walk Ashore is the tale of one girl’s adventure through lands both familiar and strange. 
Through storytelling, physical theatre, and aerial circus, driven by an original intergrated score of live percussion, Walk Ashore draws upon both the oral tradition of the British Isles and the sounds and colours of the East to tell an unforgettable story of bravery and discovery. 

Walk Ashore was originally commissioned by the Veronica Stewart Arts Trust and presented by the trust in partnership with the Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival 2015.


Creative Team:

Maia Ayling - Performer

Alanna Bloom - Performer

Harriet Riley -Composer/Performer

Aaron Parsons - Director

Lizzie Watts - Designer

photo credits to Adrian HarrisNoora Manty, and Lizzie Watts

Research and Development Documentation

During the development of Walk Ashore, we filmed a series of videos that showcase the creation of the movement, props, and music used in the final piece. The links to Thimble Theatre’s Vimeo are available below, including behind the scenes footage of the rehearsal space and the overall creative process.